Film Study: Could Benardrick McKinney bring some punch to Green Bay Packers defense?

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Arkansas Razorbacks running back Jonathan Williams (32) carries the ball against Mississippi State Bulldogs linebacker Benardrick McKinney (50). Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Drawbacks …

There aren’t many drawbacks to McKinney’s game, but besides the inconsistencies in coverage, McKinney does miss his fair share of tackles in the open field.

This is definitely a concern for teams looking for a complete player at inside linebacker.

McKinney doesn’t always use great technique when tackling, and at times, relies too much on his size and strength to deliver the knockout blow.

His change-of-direction in the open field is also a bit of a concern when dropping in coverage, which is something teams may take a closer look at before drafting him.

In this play, watch how he fails to wrap up the receiver after the catch.

You never want to see that type of play from your inside linebacker, but it’s just one of those things he’ll have to work on at the next level.

Sometimes McKinney’s issue is that he overcommits in the open field and doesn’t square up to bring the ball carrier down.

In this next clip against Kentucky, instead of slowing down and then squaring up to make the tackle, McKinney dives at the back to deliver a big hit and is faked out when the back changes direction.

I will say studying his film that these misses are not common, but they are parts of his game he needs to clean up.

Usually, McKinney is a consistent tackler in the open field and will punish those coming over the middle.

The following play against LSU is a good example of what you usually get with McKinney across the middle.

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