Green Bay Packers: History of uniforms

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Packers history and their legendary Green and Gold uniforms go hand-in-hand.

Most Packers fans know that green wasn’t always the predominant color of the Packers when they see the old throwback uniforms once a year on Sundays.

Packers uniforms have evolved over time.

Green was not the team’s original color.  Curly Lambeau‘s team wore a blue and gold reminiscent of his team colors when he played at Notre Dame.

In 1921, the team had the felt letters ACME PACKERS sewn to the front of their uniforms in honor of their current (at the time) sponsor, the Acme Meat Packing Company.

By the late 20s, the Acme had been removed and replace with a gold circle with blue number signifying the player’s number. During those days the packers were often known as the Big Bay Blues.

In the 30s, gold had become a more prominent color with bright gold numbers, shoulders and pants.

By the late 40s, the Packers wore a glorious, almost regal gold and white uniform. These uniforms featured bold, gold numbers and gold shoulders on a white jersey with gold pants. The regal gold and white uniform may be my favorite.

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