Green Bay Packers: History of uniforms

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The ‘green’ in Packers uniforms

Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It was in the 50s when green finally became the predominant uniform color.

It was new coach Gene Ronzani who declared, “We are the Green Bay Packers” and adopted green into the color scheme. The green used wasn’t the dark forest green that we have come to know and love.

It was more of a Kelly green and they had a variety of combinations of metallic gold uniform with green numbers and shiny green pants.  It was during the 50s that the old leather helmets were replaced by a more modern metallic gold helmet.

In the mid-50s, the Packers went back to a Navy-blue jersey with mustard yellow striping and numbers and gold pants.

It was after Vince Lombardi became head coach that our current color scheme was adopted that included the forest green jerseys with gold pants.

In 1961, the team added their first and only logo, the elongated G to their helmets.

Over the last 55 years, our Green Bay Packers uniforms have been tweeked but are basically unchanged. To Packers fans Green & Gold are not just colors, they are legacy. Many a fan have said they bleed Green & Gold.

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