Eddie Lacy: Here’s what you’re saying about his #60 ranking

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Last night the NFL Network revealed another 10 of the Top 100 Players of the NFL, with Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy coming in at number 60 and Packers linebacker Clay Matthews at number 51.

This morning we take a look at what folks had to say on Twitter over the past 10 hours about Lacy’s ranking … we’ll take a look at the reaction for Matthews a bit later on.

So, did you tweet about it or did you just react without letting the world know?

For those who may have reacted in Twitterverse your reaction may be included here, but for those of you who are just wondering how folks were thinking, we’ve included a cross section of comments on the next page.

For me?

Well, actually, I think this is a pretty good spot for Lacy. Being just about in the middle of the top 100 NFL players is a pretty good fit. What Lacy has brought to the Packers’ offense is invaluable. he’s brought a balance that had been needed for years.

But as far as his place among the top NFL players? You really can’t ask for a better placement. Lacy has stabilized the Packers offense, but has only been in the league two years. Can a bruising running back have the kind of longevity the team needs to continue to have the balance that quarterback Aaron Rodgers needs? Can Lacy continue on this pace for at least a couple of contracts?

That remains to be seen. If he continues on the pace of his first two seasons and continues through at least five years, then his overall stature will rise. It rose significantly between his first and second seasons. Last year, he was ranked #90 – so he gained a whopping 30 spots this season.

But for the rest of you, read on to find out how everyone reacted to his ranking.

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