Green Bay Packers: Top 10 Quarterbacks of All Time

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5. Don Majkowski

“The Majik man” is fifth on our all time list as he was one of the more consistent players in franchise history when healthy. The Packers were going through a long drought of not having much consistency at the quarterback position and Don Majkowski provided the spring-board for a couple of players we have further on our list. From a rivalry standpoint, the Packers had not won a game against the Chicago Bears since 1984 and Majkowski was the guy to break that streak in 1989 – one of the greatest seasons in Packers history from a starting quarterback. Majkoski threw for 4,318 yards and 27 touchdowns.

We may never know what would have been if Majkowski would not have gotten hurt during the 1990 season as he never seemed to be the same player after that. He would battle threw other injuries the next two seasons which ultimately led to another Packer quarterback taking over when he tore a ligament in his ankle in 1992. 1989 capped a pro bowl season for Majkowski which would be the highlight of his career. He threw for 10,870 yards in his career with 56th touchdowns ranking him in the top 10 for both categories. The big thing to remember of Majkowski is it was not about the numbers but the pathway he helped create for other Packer greats.

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