Green Bay Packers: Top 10 defensive linemen of all time

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The Green Bay Packers have seen some of the best defensive linemen in NFL history come through their doors, and being a franchise that stretches back nearly a century to the 1920s, it was difficult to pick just ten players to compose a top-ten list.

Notable names like Cullen Jenkins or key member of the Super Bowl XXXI team, Sean Jones, were unfortunately left off the list.

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Packers history is rich with great players, and on top of this, it’s difficult to fully appreciate or assess any defensive lineman’s impact on the game when sacks have only been an official statistic since 1982, and tackles since 1975. Because of the lack of statistical data, in compiling this top-ten list I tried to cross-reference with a variety of sources, and put weight into All-Pro, Pro Bowl, and Hall of Fame honors.

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Honorable Mention

Ryan Pickett: The veteran nose tackle saw eight good seasons (’06-’13) in Green Bay and was a key member of the Super Bowl XLV team.

Sean Jones: Jones was a dynamic pass rusher opposite Reggie White for three seasons during the Packers peak years in the mid-90s.

Cullen Jenkins: In seven seasons (’04-’10) as an interior defensive lineman for the Packers, Jenkins recorded 29.5 sacks and was crucial to the Packers Super Bowl run in 2010.

Ron Kostelnik: The starting defensive tackle during the Lombardi era is a five-time NFL Champion and member of the Packers Hall of Fame.

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