Green Bay Packers: Top 10 DBs in team history

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#8 – Irv Comp

I’m just going to begin by saying this man was amazing and I’m disappointed it took me this long to learn about him.

Irv Comp played a ton of different positions during his seveb seasons (69 games; 1943-49) in Green Bay.

If you know anything about league history, that makes sense; during those early years in the sport, it was routine for players to have to play not only multiple positions but on both sides of the ball. Along with being a defensive back he took snaps at quarterback, kick returner, punt returner, and punter, while also grabbing a couple TD passes himself for good measure.

What matters here is his work as a defensive back. In terms of that, he garnered 34 career interceptions. Part of that saw him reach a feat that hasn’t been matched yet in all of Packers history: collecting 10 INTs in a season (1943).

That is even more incredible when you consider the most interesting fact associated with Comp: he only had one working eye!

So, to recap: He put in work for seven seasons at about six different positions in the ironman era of football, set at least one team record that still stands to this day, and helped the franchise win its sixth championship (1944), all with ONE. WORKING. EYE.


It’s too bad this isn’t a post on the most interesting players in Packers history; he would no doubt be at the top.

Since this is more focused on players being defensive backs instead of just amazing in general, however, he’ll just have to sit here at #8 …