Green Bay Packers: Top 10 DBs in team history

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Darren Sharper

#5 – Darren Sharper

He may have brought upon himself some deplorable circumstances off the field, but that cannot take away from the abilities Darren Sharper showcased on the field during his time in Green Bay; we don’t have to like him to concede that fact.

During his eight seasons (121 games) in Green Bay, Sharper was quite the producer at safety. He accumulated 605 tackles, 36 interceptions, six forced fumbles, and four fumble recoveries in that time.

Sharper managed to lead the entire league in INTs for one season (nine; 2000), while leading the Packers in INTs five times. He also showed superb consistency in his turnover-forcing ways, putting up at least 4+ interceptions across 5 of his 8 Green Bay years.

He wasn’t just about simply producing turnovers either; when he forced them, he usually did something extra with them. He garnered 677 return yards from interceptions alone (752 total defensive return yards) throughout his Packers career. And then not only did he garner yardage, but he liked to score on those returns as well.

Sharper’s five INT-return touchdowns is third-best in team history, while his seven total defensive touchdowns is second-most on that corresponding list.

He also twice tied the team record for defensive touchdowns in a season (three), one season being his rookie year (which also happened to set the Packers rookie record for defensive touchdowns).

Had he been given the opportunity to stick around the Packers for his entire career (instead of spending the final six seasons he played with the Vikings and Saints, respectively), he’s easily in the running for the top spot on this list.

But since this process only takes into consideration the contributions made while playing in green and gold, the number five spot will have to do.