Green Bay Packers kickoff: What James Jones brings

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James Jones.

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James Jones: The insurance man

Jones gives the Packers insurance at a vulnerable position.

Without Jordy Nelson, the Packers are very vulnerable at wide receiver.

They have already had a scare with Randall Cobb, which is probably a big part of what brought Jones back to Green Bay in the first place.

Cobb’s health is everything at this point. Without a staple at the WR position, opposing defenses will feed on new receivers. Rodgers need reliable targets to place his trust in, even if it stunts the development of some of the new guys.

If Cobb were to go down, knock on wood, Jones could step in and fill the “veteran void” left by his and Nelson’s absence. Without Jones, Davante Adams would be the guy – and even with a breakout campaign looming, Adams is hardly ready to be thrust into the number one receiver slot.

He will get there … but, he’s not quite there yet.

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