Top 11 moments in Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears history

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This story was originally written by Jerry Bulone of and has been updated.

The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears have had a long and bitter rivalry that has now spanned more than 95 years and 190 meetings.

In all, the Bears hold a slim lead over the Packers in overall record: 93-91-6. Should the Packers beat the Bears twice in 2015, the two storied franchises will be tied in total wins.

According to Wikipedia, total points scored are as follows: Chicago Bears 3,254, Green Bay Packers 3,235.

While the amount of trash talk over the years has sparked a new interest nationwide, this is far from anything new. As us Packers fans know all too well,  this rivalry has been heated for a very long time.

Before we embark on chapter 191 of this great rivalry, we thought it fitting to take a trip down memory lane and remember the great moments of the past. We have arranged them chronological order.

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