Top 11 moments in Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears history

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2. Fourth down and an NFC North title

Who can possibly not remember this game?

It was the Green Bay Packers versus the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, Week 17 for all the marbles. On the line was an NFC North Division title and a trip to the playoffs.

The winner was awarded those titles and the loser went home.

The Bears led the Packers with less than a minute left and Aaron Rodgers moved the Packers across midfield after converting a couple of fourth down plays.

With a fourth and 8, Rodgers took the snap, slid to his left and narrowly escaped a sack from then-Bears linebacker Julius Peppers (thanks to a great block from fullback John Kuhn), then rolled a few steps more to his left and heaved the ball downfield to a wide open Randall Cobb, who had gotten behind the Bears defense.

It was the NFL’s “Never Say Never” play of the year and though the Packers lost in the playoffs to the 49ers, it was a season-ending play that won’t soon be forgotten.

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