Top 11 moments in Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears history

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Fans mingle around the statue of Vince Lombardi. Raymond T. Rivard

10. Lombardi’s dominance – Sept. 30, 1962 – Packers 49, Bears 0

It is well known that Papa Bear Halas hated Lombardi and the Packers.

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It is rumored  that one time he visited the Packers locker room to speak with Lombardi, just 5 minutes before game time, saying it was an emergency.

When Lombardi rushed over, Halas simply said, “I hope your team is ready, because we are going to kick your ass!”

Lombardi, did not take kindly to the remarks and made sure his team let Halas know it.

They dominated the Bears from start to finish, with the game ending in the Packers’ largest margin of victory ever at the time.

Lombardi, with a few exceptions, owned the Bears most of his coaching career beating them 13 times.