Green Bay Packers: Four Downs of Questions

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1) Do the Seahawks have Green Bay’s number?

Sep 4, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) eludes a tackle by Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Nick Perry (53) to rush for a touchdown during the third quarter at CenturyLink Field. Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Kenn Korb: No, but it can definitely feel that way. The thing is, they have been a great team — especially on defense — during those last three meetings, which is a major factor as to why they could manage to slow the Packers’ offense and eventually win those matchups. In two of those meetings however, it went right down to the final minutes in two of those games and things could easily have gone the other way if wasn’t for a terrible call by replacement referees (“Fail Mary” game) and if the team could have made one more play at multiple instances after the 3:52 mark (NFC Championship game collapse). Even if they win Sunday night, it will be because they happened to be the better team on the day, not because Green Bay cannot beat them.

Josh McPeak: With a team handing you a loss to begin and end your season, you could say they have Green Bay’s number of late. I don’t think they “have” Green Bay’s number however. I witnessed the Packers dominate this team in just about every aspect for nearly 57 minutes in a crucial game. Aaron Rodgers has the chance to end the recent success of not only the Seahawks against the Packers, but the 49ers as well. In a span of just three weeks.

Jamie Wright: In short, yes – the Seahawks have the Packers number.

Until the Packers can prove otherwise, it’s just the way it is. Since the “Fail Mary” debacle in 2012, it seems like the Packers can’t get the Seahawks out of their heads. I don’t want to give Seattle that much credit, but the offense was clearly rattled in the season opener last year, and defense and special teams followed suit in the last 3:52 of the NFC Championship game, blowing a huge late lead.

It’s time for the Packers to break the tradition. But until they do so, it’s hard to say that the Seattle Seahawks don’t have something on the Packers.

Doug Rogalla: The Seahawks have a good defense that has given Aaron Rodgers fits over the last couple of years. Everyone remembers how the Packers dominated the Seahawks at their place for 58 minutes in the NFL Championship game. The Packers have a very good team and most pick them to win on Sunday.

Matt George: I don’t think the Seahawks necessarily have the Packer’s number, I just believe the Packers have been fairly unlucky when playing the Seahawks. The “fail mary” game in 2012 should’ve been a Packers win. If the game wasn’t poorly officiated by replacement refs, I don’t think we are even discussing this topic. Same as the NFC Championship Game last year. The Seahawks needed everything to go their way towards the end of the game and it did. A fake field goal, two-point conversion and botched onside kick – not many teams win games that way. I hope that bad luck changes this weekend and I think it will. The Packers are 6-1 against the Seahawks at Lambeau Field.

Dylan Testin: Currently, no. The last three games have all been away from Lambeau where Green Bay is a force to be reckon with. If Seattle wins Sunday, then yes, I would say the whole NFC West does.

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