Green Bay Packers: Four Downs of Questions

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1.How much does Eddie Lacy’s ankle injury concern you?

Sep 20, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) carries the ball against the Seattle Seahawks during the first quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Kenn Korb: Much less than a few days ago; then again, all I had to go on was what happened in that game so I was kind of in the dark as to just how good or bad it was. I do think that it is enough of a concern that it results in a decent amount of carries being handed to James Starks for at least this week. To me it is just being smart to not overload a runner with an ankle issue, even if it isn’t as bad as first thought; plus, Starks has proven yet again he’s a worthwhile option in his own right.

Josh McPeak: I would much rather see Eddie Lacy on the field. I’€™m not sure there is anyone harder to bring down in the NFL when Lacy is running north-to-south. With that said, I’m really not that concerned. It doesn€™t appear to be serious and James Starks did a great job when his number was called. How good is Aaron Rodgers? The Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks without their number one wide receiver and running back.

Jamie Wright: It does and it doesn’t. James Starks is very capable and can handle the load through a few games. However, only Alonzo Harris remains on the depth chart behind Starks if Lacy can’t go for an extended amount of time. Starks doesn’t have the healthiest track record and has battled injuries nearly every year. I’m not worried that Starks can’t take the reins, I am worried how long he might need to.

Doug Rogalla: Not much. Ian Rapoport reported earlier that Eddie’s ankle injury as minor and he could play on Monday Night. Let’s hope so.

Matt George: It doesn’t. It seems like Packers Nation expected the worst as soon as Lacy exited the game against the Seahawks. With all of these injuries that have been piling up, why wouldn’t they? I do expect Lacy to play this week, but maybe on a limited basis. The Packers have a proven back in James Starks and he had a pretty good game against a Seahawks defense that is in some ways similar to the Chiefs. Regardless, this offense goes through one man and that is Aaron Rodgers. He will have to make adjustments if Lacy can’t be a major factor this week and I fully expect Rodgers to have another great performance.

Coalter Hansen: At this juncture it does not worry me very much. The play looked like your basic roll up and all results came back positive. While we face some tough opponents on the upcoming games, the offense should be able to do just fine if Lacy sees a limited roll.

Dylan Testin: Not at all, it is a simple sprained ankle, and he will be playing again in less than 3 weeks. Better to rest him now and have for playoffs than him be injured for the playoffs.

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