Green Bay Packers: Reactions to win over KC Chiefs

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Can you say deja vu?

The Green Bay Packers offense again was eerily similar (in a good way) to the results of the previous week’s game against the Seahawks.

I would say that the Chiefs and Seahawks defenses were similar in that they both attempted to pressure Aaron Rodgers with strong edge rushes. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston both worked hard to rattle Aaron but he is just unflappable.

Rodgers, instead, loves the challenge. I’m pretty certain that he would feel bored if there was no pressure against him. Aaron thrives on the competition. The better the competition, the better he plays.

Aaron’s performance on Monday Night was nothing but amazing/extraordinary/epic/fill-in the blank superlative.

So how could Aaron Rodgers have received a negative grade from Pro Football Focus (PFF) for his efforts against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Aaron throws 24/35 for 333 yards with five TDs and zero INTs (again) which turned into an ESPN QBR of 78.0 (which I am still not sure how it is calculated) or a 138.5 RAT (which trailed only Kellen Clemens‘ RAT of 150.0 which was earned on throwing a whole six passes)

Check out the ESPN weekly QB statical leaders for week 3.

Somehow, PFF can give 16 QBs better grades this week than Aaron Rodgers including Ryan Mallett, Nick Foles, Tyrod Taylor, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Blake Bortles.

Perhaps the negative grade was the result of the almost pick that was dropped by a KC linebacker. The first almost INT in more than 19 games dating back to 2013. Or perhaps it was the inefficient offense that Aaron led that had 12 1st downs in the first quarter alone. Or perhaps they do not count all the free plays that Aaron creates by catching pass rushers off-sides or calling quick snaps that leaves opposing coaches just shaking their heads. All of that has just got to make you say “hmmmmmm.”

You almost have to ask Pro Football Focus what game were they watching as Aaron Rodgers was masterful at picking apart a very good Chiefs defense.

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