Packers vs. 49ers: Five Key Matchups

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The Green Bay Packers are off to a strong 3-0 start this season, and they’ll look to continue their win streak this Sunday when they travel to San Francisco and face the 49ers–an NFC opponent that has given them trouble the past few seasons.

Over the past four meetings between the two teams, the Niners have gotten the better of Green Bay, including two playoff defeats. It’s no secret the Packers have struggled against Colin Kaepernick and San Francisco’s zone-read offense.

However, for the most part this isn’t the same bruising and rugged Niners team of the past. Eleven starters from last year alone are not back on the team this year due to early retirement or leaving in free agency.

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San Francisco’s defense isn’t near the dominant force it was the last time the two teams met in Lambeau for the first round of the playoffs in 2013.

Kaepernick has also struggled this season, throwing errant passes and not demonstrating an ability to dissect coverages over the first three weeks.

The Packers could finally get the better of him this time around. However, in order to leave the Bay Area 4-0 and put some distance between themselves and the Minnesota Vikings for the division lead, they will have to win some key matchups in the game.

The following are the five matchups we feel are the most important for Green Bay to win in order to cement a victory this Sunday.

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