Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers’ Home Interceptionless Streak Over

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But the Packers offense seems to be struggling a bit. For some reason, Packers receivers are not getting open quickly.

Give some credit to the defenses the Packers have been facing. Seahawks, Chiefs, 49ers and Rams all have good defensive lines and linebackers that can get after the quarterback. They also employ press man coverage that forces QBs to make quick decisions.

Aaron is the best in the game at getting rid of the ball quickly. But even Aaron cannot beat good coverage (all the time).

"“We’ve been struggling the last couple weeks,” Aaron Rodgers said. “We’ve played NFC West opponents now and the divison is really known for its defense. And they bring it. That’s three really good defenses that we’ve faced, really five difficult opponents for us to start the season."

“So we’re happy to be 5-0, but obviously we need to play a little bit better on offense. We’ve had a lot of success at home over the years moving the ball efficiently, scoring points. The defense set us up with some short fields with some three and outs and some turnovers. We’re used to putting those things in the end zone and we struggled.”

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