Aaron Rodgers: Top 5 Career Accomplishments

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5. 1.0% of Passes Intercepted in 2014

Aaron Rodgers. Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports photograph

The 2014 season saw Aaron Rodgers complete 341 of his 520 pass attempts with 38 touchdowns. The most remarkable thing about Rodgers in 2014 was that he threw only five interceptions the entire season. Five interceptions from 520 pass attempts means that only 1% of Rodgers’ pass attempts were intercepted. Rodgers is one of only seven players in NFL history to have a percentage at or below 1% for a season. Not to mention, multiple others on that list include Josh McCown, (2013) Damon Huard, (2006) and Nick Foles, (2013) who did not play full seasons in their respective years.

Taking care of the football is something that is forgotten when talking about who the greatest quarterback of all time is. Rodgers’ efficiency may be the best in NFL history, and having numbers such as only 1% of your pass attempts being intercepted for a whole season is remarkable. Stats like these need to be publicized even more as they are significantly underrated.

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