Green Bay Packers: Week 9 Fantasy Profile

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Sep 20, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver

Davante Adams

(17) with a catch against the Seattle Seahawks during a game at Lambeau Field. Packers won 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

WRs –Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, James Jones, Ty Montgomery, Jeff Janis

Last Game:
Cobb – 6 catches, 27 receiving yards, 1 rush, 10 rush yards; 3.70 fantasy points
Adams – 1 catches, 8 receiving yards; 0.80 fantasy points
Jones – 1 catches, 2 receiving yards; 0.20 fantasy points
Montgomery – 0 catches, 0 receiving yards; 0.00 fantasy points (Out Due To Injury)
Janis – 0 catch, 0 receiving yards; 0.00 fantasy points

This group is even more disappointing to me than that performance by Rodgers.

With Rodgers, that is obviously a flukey outing, where so many things went wrong and the defense played them beyond perfectly.

The receivers have been lackluster for weeks.

That starts with Cobb. He is one of the best slot receivers in the league, but that sort of limits what he can do out there if he doesn’t have complementary pieces to open spaces up for him.

Not only that, but the lack of space is further compromised because now without Jordy Nelson as the top wideout in the field defenses can keep either their best coverage man on Cobb each week or double-cover him without fear of the other players lighting them up (and sometimes they even do both).

Cobb hasn’t had a strong fantasy game in a few weeks because of exactly what I just stated, and it likely doesn’t improve this week either. Carolina can put either Josh Norman or Charles Tillman on Cobb and be alright if they want, or they can put a slot guy and a safety on him. In any case, he may see plenty of targets again but not have the chance to do much with them.

James Jones likely doesn’t do much either. He has been a decent fantasy option most weeks before last Sunday, but he wasn’t doing it in sustainable ways. He has been the prime example for a lack of separation, only seeing space on broken plays. Most of his fantasy pointage has come through just happening to be the guy to catch a decent portion of touchdowns. He seems to be slowing down more now in terms of production, so he should only be an option if you are dying to have a Packers wideout on your roster.

Montgomery is a young guy, but his supposed explosive ability hasn’t shown up in the passing game. He’s returning from injury, but he’s likely the fourth option at best in the receiving group right now, even with the plodding movements of Jones preventing him from breaking free.

Adams had a disappointing return from injury, so it is hard to rely on him since he hasn’t even really done anything this whole year, including before getting hurt. But, if somebody looks to be able to supply life to the group it would have to be him right? Cobb will get all the focus of the defensive coverage, Jones is too slow to really be a worrisome problem for them, the tight ends are sub-mediocre at best and facing excellent coverage linebackers, and the running backs haven’t been consistent threats for anything beyond short dumpoff passes. If you see Rodgers finding a way to have a game somewhat closer to what we expect him to, someone has to step up.

It seems Adams is the best looking option there.

One thing to watch: if Janis plays. He hasn’t been able to get on the field except due to injuries; the coaches don’t trust him yet. With how drastic the separation issues have been for the other receivers, the coaches have to consider letting him see some snaps to put some speed out there.

If that happens, it could affect things a couple ways. One would be he could catch a deep pass or two, grabbing away some of the possible yardage (and maybe a score) that others would usually get. The other is that the added deep outside presence would open up the underneath and middle for everyone else, spreading more production to them all.

Wouldn’t bet on it, but it should definitely be something to think about when making your starting decisions.

Week 9 Predictions:
Cobb – 4 catches, 35 receiving yards; 3.50 fantasy points
Adams – 5 catches, 70 yards, 1 TD; 13.00 fantasy points
Jones – 3 catch, 25 receiving yards; 2.50 fantasy points
Montgomery – 2 catches, 15 receiving yards; 1.50 fantasy points
Janis – 1 catch, 45 receiving yards; 4.50 fantasy points

Verdicts: Defensive Focus (Cobb); Rebound (Adams); Stuck In The Mud (Jones); Unlikely To Do Much (Montgomery); Hail-Mary Deep Threat (Janis)

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