Green Bay Packers: Epic comeback falls short

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Nov 8, 2015; Charlotte, NC, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) sits on the ground after being hit in the second quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

3rd and forever leads to three and out.

How many times was Aaron Rodgers put into 3rd and long situations and what were the results?

  1. 3rd + 9 = Rodgers sack and three and out.
  2. A holding penalty means the Packers start 1st + 18 from the GB9. On 3rd + 16 = Rodgers scrambling for 6 yard gain and three and out.
  3. A Starks loss on 1st down and a near miss to Randall Cobb on a deep pass leads to 3rd + 11 = incomplete pass and three and out.
  4. The next drive does not count as a three and out as Eddie Lacy coughed up the ball on a 2nd down run. Turnover.
  5. Two Starks runs net 2 yards. 3rd + 8 = Rodgers sack and three and out.

There were lots of Packers fans in attendance and I heard a few boo birds after the second Starks run.

The Packers were able to move the ball just a bit before half time but had neither time nor timeouts and the effort seemed futile.

A quick strike to Randall Cobb for a 53 yard touchdown to start the 2nd half breathed a little life into the Packers but they were still trailing 27-14. Aaron laid the ball right into Randall’s hands. Amazing catch and run.

  1. More of the same. After Davante Adams laid out to make an amazing catch to give the Packers a 1st down, a short Starks run and another sack of Aaron Rodgers left the Packers in a 3rd + 13 situation. Aaron was able to catch the Panthers with too many men on the field. 3rd + 8 = incomplete pass and a four and out. This time there was a bad snap and Aaron either threw the ball away or he and the WR were not on the same page at all.
  2. Short pass to Adams gave the Packers a 2nd + 2 opportunity but two incompletions and an almost interception later resulted in yet another three and out.
  3. The next drive included two 1st downs but a 3 yard loss on a run by Starks, clock mismanagement leading to a Packers time out on a 3rd + 13 play lead to another Aaron Rodgers incompletion and a five and out.

So the Packers are trailing 30-14 to start the 4th Quarter, Panthers have the ball with a 3rd + 7 on their own 14 yard line. Cam Newton scrambles and the officials give him a 1st down at the CAR21. Mike McCarthy challenges and the booth review determines Newton was just short forcing the punt. Big Play.

  1. Starks runs twice and gains 6 yards. 3rd + 4 = Rodgers sack and fumble that is recovered by the Packers and yet another three and out.

Nine futile, nonexistent drives left Packers fans pulling out their hair.

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