Green Bay Packers: Top 30 moments in franchise history

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Raymond T. Rivard photograph

By Zach Roethlisberger and Ray Rivard

The represent one of the most historic franchises in the history of professional sports. Their 96-plus years of existence have provided some memorable instances that you can either smile or cringe about when looking back.

With 96-plus years of history, it was tough to narrow down the 30 exact moments that have come to define the Green Bay Packers.

This list is a purely subjective look at that history by Ray Rivard and Zach Roethlisberger, and we welcome all Packers fans to list their favorite memory of this franchise in the comment section. It is difficult to track down all that history, and there are surely some memorable moments that we left off this list.

As a fan, it’s a joy to look back and reminisce on all the memories that were a part of your life. This is a franchise that will live in people’s hearts forever, continuing a championship pedigree year-in and year-out.

Looking back at all the great names that have worn the green or blue and gold, it makes you smile as to how lucky we all are to be fans of the Green Bay Packers.

Again, I want to reiterate that this list is purely subjective – something we’d love all fans of this historic franchise to reminisce about in the comment section.

Through the good and the bad, here are our top 30 moments that have defined the Green Bay Packers.

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