Green Bay Packers: Top 30 moments in franchise history

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16. Favre plays after father’s death

Nobody has ever questioned Brett Favre’s toughness, but his performance in a Monday Night Game the day after his father passed away, put him on another level.

First of all, the ability Favre had to be with his team during the difficult time he was going through was one thing, but to put up the performance he did was sensational. Favre ended the night throwing for 399 yards with four touchdowns while completing 22 of his 30 passes.

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It was a statement game, that spoke even more to Green Bay Packers fans, even with his previous accolades. It’s tough for anybody to bounce back from something to happen of that signficance in their life, but the way Favre was able to do so on national TV, speaks volumes about the competitor he was.

Favre’s performance against Oakland, will go down as maybe the greatest individual performance of his career. His ability to play through his own personal situation while putting this organziation first, is why fan’s loved him and why #4 will always be a huge part of Green Bay.

“I knew that my dad would have wanted me to play,” Favre said. “I love him so much, and I love this game. It’s meant a great deal to me, to my dad, to my family, and I didn’t expect this kind of performance. But I know he was watching tonight.”

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