Green Bay Packers: Top 30 moments in franchise history

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26. 4th and 26

Jan. 11, 2004, marked another devastating loss for the Green Bay Packers, as they allowed one of the single most devastating plays in their history. The divisional round playoff match up, saw the Packers take a 14-0 lead over an Eagles team that was heavily favored. The Packers even held a three point lead with a minute remaining.

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With the Eagles possessing the ball and driving down the field, the Packers backed them up to a 4th and 26 situation. With the Packers running a cover two defense, exposed that by throwing a 28-yard pass to Freddy Mitchell across the middle. The Eagle then moved into field goal range to hit the tying field goal.

Overtime saw Brett Favre throw a long lob pass that was no where near a receiver, to be picked off by Eagles safety . The Eagles were then able to get into field goal range, and to hit the field goal to win the game.

The Eagles went on to lose in the NFC Championship game to the Carolina Panthers, but the Packers let one slip right through their fingers with one of the most devastating plays in team history.

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