Green Bay Packers: Sack the Vikings

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Jeff Janis came in and was involved in what I will call the “turning point of the game.” The Packers get the ball back with 2:19 left in the 2nd quarter on their own 20 yard line. The Packers run James Starks for a 2-yard gain. Two minute warning. Aaron Rodgers is sacked for a 7-yard loss. MN calls timeout hoping to get the ball back. The Packers are faced with 3rd + 15 from their own 15-yard line.

In previous weeks, an Aaron Rodgers pass would fall helplessly to the ground incomplete and yet another three and out. This week, Aaron heaved the ball deep along the right sidelines in the direction of Jeff Janis, who attempted to come back toward the underthrown ball and was run into by Terrence Newman, who was called for a 50 yard pass interference penalty. Janis would not catch a pass during the game but this play was a difference maker.

Packers 1st + 10 from the MN 35. Short passes to Richard Rodgers and James Jones puts the ball 1st + 10 on the MN 16. [Funny note: I had just made a note to myself “Jones cannot get open” moments before his catch.] Another pass to Rodgers gains 1 yard. GB calls their final timeout.

Aaron overthrows Jones on 2nd down bringing up a big 3rd + 9 play with 35 seconds left. The score is GB 9 – MN 6. Will we see another Mason Crosby field goal?

Aaron hits Richard Rodgers in the end zone. Touchdown Packers. But there are flags on the field. Offsetting penalties bring up yet another 3rd + 9 play. This time MN commits another penalty, illegal contact, giving the Packers 1st and goal. Aaron throws two consecutive incomplete passes to Randall Cobb. This sets up yet another 3rd + long from the MN 10 with 10 seconds left.

Third time’s a charm. Aaron Rodgers hits a wide open Randall Cobb for a touchdown and after the extra point a 16-6 lead a halftime.

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