Green Bay Packers: Top 10 defensive players of all-time

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3. Herb Adderley

Considered one of the greatest players in Green Bay Packers history, defensive back, Herb Adderley sits at number three on our list. One of the most athletic players on the field, Adderley was yet another piece of the Vince Lombardi era during the 1960s.

His hall of fame career comes with a story as well, as he was drafted to play running back for the Packers, after being selected in the first round of the 1961 NFL Draft.

With names such as Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung already controlling the backfield, Adderley was left without a place, until he tried his ability as a defensive back.

As a defensive back, Adderley recorded 39 interceptions in his nine-year career as a member of the Green Bay Packers. He recorded seven touchdowns from those 39 interceptions as well.

He, too, was a member of the Packers’ five NFL championships and two Super Bowls in the 1960s. Adderley was named to seven All-Pro teams and played in the Pro Bowl five times. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame in 1980.

Lombardi commented on Adderley’s ability on defense, saying “I was too stubborn to switch him to defense until I had to. Now when I think of what Adderley means to our defense, it scares me to think of how I almost mishandled him.”

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