Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins: Lombardiave staffers predict

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With the Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins facing off tomorrow, Sunday, Jan. 10, in the nation’s capital, we here at Lombardiave have put together some predictions on games that still remain …

Enjoy … and don’t forget to give us your own predictions.

Josh McPeak:

There are a lot of Packers fans hanging onto hopes this team can flip a switch and be a powerhouse.

I’m not one of those people.

The current receiving group is slow and has no ability to get open. Rodgers is behind a very suspect offensive line along with a staff that refuses to stick with and establish a run game.

This team lost home games to Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford and Teddy Bridgewater. Unfortunately, that’s just who this team is this season.

Turning in my homer card this week, but I’d love to be wrong.

Redskins 27 Packers 17

Other playoff games …

Bengals 27 Steelers 24

Seahawks 24 Vikings 10

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Thomas Friesen
Thomas Friesen /

Thomas Friesen: The Packers go into this game looking for a fresh start.

A below average defense with a battered secondary is just what they need. While the defense will keep them in it, it’s on Eddie Lacy and James Starks to get the offense going on the ground.

If they establish the run, look for Aaron Rodgers to open it up, throw aggressively, and play to win.

Green Bay 24 Washington 17

Other playoff games …

Cincinnati 24-23 Pittsburgh

Seattle 26-21 Minnesota

Kenn Korb
Kenn Korb /

Kenn Korb: Despite a 10-6 record, the Packers have looked pretty bad during most of the season — especially on offense.

In contrast, Washington has played pretty well lately behind Kirk Cousins and the array of talented options around him.

It seems simple enough to just go with the hotter team, but I feel like Green Bay has a decent chance here. Washington doesn’t have a great secondary overall and their preferred formations tend to be in zone coverage; if Green Bay can muster even a middling effort against them in the passing game that should unstack the box against the run and allow them to achieve some offensive balance.

Add in that I think Cousins could well provide the defense with a turnover or two and this could be a hard-fought, somewhat ugly victory for the Packers.

Green Bay 20 Washington 17

Other playoff games …

Cincinnati 20 Pittsburgh 17

Seattle 23 Minnesota 20

Freddie Boston
Freddie Boston /

Freddie Boston: Unfortunately, the Packers’ offensive struggles are very real, and things aren’t going to get any better this late in the season.

Kirk Cousins is in red hot form, and Washington is a hot team.

We can hope the lack of experience and pressure gets to them, but it’s hard to see anything but an early Packers exit.

Washington 24 Green Bay 14

Other playoff games …

Seattle 30 Minnesota 17

Pittsburgh 28 Cincinnati 20

Dylan Testin: Washington is hot and playing the beat football they have all season, but they still aren’t the team that Green Bay is, even though the Aaron Rodgers led offense is as cold as ever. The defense is going to be key, and play a huge role in the Packers win. I don’t believe Kirk Cousins will be able to rip them up, as he has defenses like Dallas, Philly and Buffalo.

Packers 23 Redskins 10

Other playoff games …

Cincinnati 24 Pittsburgh 21
Seattle 31 Minnesota 10

Tom Mrozla
Tom Mrozla /

Tom Mrozla: If there was ever a time to start winning football games, this is it for the Green Bay Packers.

The defense is playing really well right now and will keep the offense in the game if good things start to happen on offense.

It will come down to how well the offensive line can protect Aaron Rodgers.  If they can protect and Aaron can make good throws to open receivers, then the Packers have a chance.

The only problem is, none of that has been happening lately.

I’ll remain optimistic for now.  Packers win,

Packers 16 Redskins 14

Other playoff games …

Pittsburgh 31 Cincinnati y 24

Seattle 24 Minnesota 13

Doug Rogalla: I am going to use reverse psychology this week with the Packers, so here goes my unhomerlike prediction:

Aaron Rodgers and Packers shocked and shutout 27-0 to close out their dismal second half to the season.

Here’s to the Packers starting out slowly and finishing strong in 2017.

Injuries are crushing the Packers in 2016. I hope they win on Sunday; I know they will play hard.

Wishing for a positive outcome. We’ll see.

Joe OlkivesI have faith in this Packers team. It’s been ugly, and I have been waiting and waiting for them to break out. I don’t know if that will ever happen offensively.

I have learned it doesn’t need to happen.

This Packers defense is special. It hasn’t been flashy but it has regularly put the Packers in positions to win.

They have gotten the ball back in the hands of Rodgers when it has mattered most. I think this week they come out with something to prove.

If they can rattle Kirk Cousins and keep him contained, while stopping the run and shutting down the key playmakers, the Packers offense will have enough opportunities to put up points against the worse defense they have faced in weeks.

The inexperience of Cousins and the Redskins plays to Green Bay’s advantage.

Packers 31 Redskins 9

Other playoff games …

Cin over PIT 26-22
Sea over Min 23-3

Zach Roethlisberger
Zach Roethlisberger /

Zach Roethlisberger: Heavily disappointed in the play of the Green Bay Packers last week, I have no reason to believe this won’t be a sloppy offensive performance in which they barely scrape by.

The only reason they scrape by is because the Washington Redskins are not a great football team, and if the Packers were playing any other team in the NFC this weekend, I think they would lose.

Green Bay 21 Washington 17

Other playoff games …

Pittsburgh 27 Cincinnati 13

Seattle 24 Minnesota 10

Coalter Hansen: I have so many things to say but I’ll keep it short.

I just don’t see the Packers overcoming the issues that they are dealing with.

Redskins 27 Packers 18

Other playoff games …

Steelers 31 Bengals 20

Seahawks 27 Vikes 13

Ray Rivard
Ray Rivard /

Ray Rivard: For those of you thinking the Green Bay Packers are going to turn on the juice this weekend and outscore the Washington Redskins by a bunch – it’s time to wake up.

The Packers are going to win because of their defense, not their offense, as strange as that seems.

If the Packers can get a couple TDs out of Aaron Rodgers and the offense, a defensive TD and maybe one by the special teams, the Packers could win by two or three scores.

However, I see this as a much closer tilt because the special teams probably won’t score and the defense shouldn’t necessarily be counted on to get to the end zone.

That said, the Packers find a way to win this first round game for some much-needed confidence heading into round two.

Packers 20 Redskins 16

Other playoff games …

Pittsburgh 23 Cincinnati 17

Seattle 26 Minnesota 13

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