Green Bay Packers 7-round mock draft: What would a BAP approach look like?

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As Green Bay Packers fans, it’s easy to project who we want the Packers to select in the 2016 NFL Draft.

This has always been my issue when composing complete mock drafts for one single team. Although fun, it’s too tempting as a fan to allow the stars to align and project each Packers pick as a perfect match between value and meeting a need. Something I’ll admit I was guilty of with my first Packers seven-round mock draft back in January.

Rarely, do things work out this well for a team on draft day. It’s uncommon for a team, like the Packers, to use their first pick at a position of greatest need, and then their other early-round picks to address their second and third needs on the roster.

Last year, Green Bay selected a defensive back in the first round, even though many believed inside linebacker was their greatest need. This year, a similar situation could occur.

We all know Ted Thompson and the Packers front office stick closely to their Best Available Player (BAP) approach when it comes to the draft, and for good measure. This draft philosophy has played a hand in developing one of the better rosters in the NFL.

So with this in mind, I decided to take a different approach with this Packers mock draft. Instead of guessing which prospects I believe will fit with Green Bay in each round, I decided to use the Fanspeak mock draft simulator “On the Clock.” This is a fun tool to use, and if you’re interested in creating mock drafts, like myself, then I highly suggest you check it out.

By using this simulator, the computer selected for the other 31 teams, and I picked for the Packers and then used the results of this mock draft for this article. I tried to not reach for need and honestly pick the best available player on the board in each round, especially in the early rounds.

Here is how it turned out. There were definitely some surprises.

Let me know what you think . . .

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