Green Bay Packers: Who wore these numbers best? 95 & 94

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Bryce Paup was a sack machine

Bryce Paup was a highly popular player who grew to not only love the Packers and their fans in the early years of his career, but he loved the area and the people so much that he continued to live there, despite playing in other NFL cities.

By the time Paup retired after 11 years in the league, he had gone to six Super Bowls.

Here’s how Maxymuk describes him:

"“Bryce Paup played for teams that went to six Super Bowls during his 11 years in the NFL, but he never went to one. He left Green Bay in 1995 and just missed three straight division titils, three straight conference championship games, and two straight Super Bowl appearances. He signed that year with Buffalo, which was just coming off four straight Super Bowl appearances but would not be returning to the big game for the rest of that decade. By contrast, Don Beebe came into the league the year before Paup, lansted ning years and played on all six of those Super Bowl teams in that time.”"

Here is a list of all the players who have worn #95 for the Packers – it’s provided courtesy of Pro Football Reference – remember these guys?

From To AV
Tony Degrate 1985 1985 0
Howard Green 2010 2011 5
Datone Jones 2013 2013 2
Keith McKenzie 1996 1999 8
Daniel Muir 2007 2007 0
Bryce Paup 1990 1994 23
Carl Sullivan 1987 1987 2
Rod Walker 2001 2003 5
Steve Warren 2000 2000 1

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