Green Bay Packers: Who wore #70 best?

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With 70 days left until the start of the

Green Bay Packers


season, our countdown to the big day continues. Sunday, Sept. 11, is the day when the


travel to Jacksonville to take on the upstart Jaguars.


Yesterday, we took a look at Santana Dotson, the defensive lineman who was known as the missing piece of the puzzle that helped push the Packers over the top as a championship team in the mid-1990s. He wore Packers #71.

For an in-depth look at every number and the players who wore them, we highly recommend “Packers by the Numbers: Jersey Numbers and the Players Who Wore Them,” by John Maxymuk.

If there’s one number among all those worn in the past by Packers players, #70 might be the least well-known.

Think about it, we all know who wore numbers 4, 15, 66, and 92, but tell me quickly any player who has worn #70.

OK, we can point to T.J. Lang who is the current player wearing the number. Lang is headed into his eighth season with the Packers, helping to anchor the right side of an offensive line that has been both good and bad. Lang made the switch from the left side a couple of seasons ago, and he’s turned into a solid, consistent warrior. Since becoming a starter in 2011, he’s missed only one game and has turned into one of the best guards in the league.

But can you name any others?

No, I didn’t think so.

You might remember when Joe Andruzzi stopped by for a cup of coffee in 1998 and 99 and then went on to star with the New England Patriots during their successful run in the early 2000s.

But who else has worn the number?

Well, there was Bob BarberDon King (no, not THAT Don King)and Paul Rudzinskialong with Tyson Walter Charles Hope and Keith Uecker, among others who wore #70.

But today, we take a look, via John Maxymuk’s book, at Dick Wildung.

What is so significant about this former Packer.

Turn the page and you will discover what a difference he made.

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