Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers: Surprised only one title for Packers QB

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 07: Aaron Rodgers
CANTON, OH - AUGUST 07: Aaron Rodgers /

Brett Favre, the longtime Green Bay Packers quarterback who himself captured only one Super Bowl title during his 16 years in Packers News, has come out and basically said that he’s surprised current QB Aaron Rodgers has only one title.

But so what?

We all feel that way. It’s nothing new.

It’s also how we all feel about Brett Favre’s career in Green Bay. He, himself, surely should have had at least two titles, but left town way back when with just one.

So, for Favre to come out and backhandedly say he’s surprised by the fact that the Packers have won only one title with Rodgers at the helm is a bit of calling the kettle black.

Here’s what Favre had to recently say:

"“Obviously, Aaron has carried the team for a long time. That’s not going to change. That in itself is not enough — at least it hasn’t been, and it’s been pretty good. As good as he is, I would’ve thought they would’ve won more than one by now. But I don’t know if he can do anything else other than what he’s done up to this point. It always seems like one piece of the puzzle is missing. You don’t know what that is until you get a Reggie White … a free agent, a coaching change, I don’t know …,” Favre went on to say."

But he also couched those previous statements with the following:

"“And I think Aaron — what is Aaron, 33?” Favre said. “I would think that barring any injury — and he knows how to protect himself — six or seven years from now is a long time to think that far down the road, but there’s no reason to think he couldn’t play and play at a high level until — I’m not going to say 43, 44, it’s up to the individual — and I don’t see any decline in his game unless he doesn’t want to play anymore.”"

Somewhere in there is a compliment to Rodgers by Favre, who has come a long way from the days when his cutting comments about the Packers organization turned many former Favre fans off.

Some have taken these most recent comments and said that Favre is once again showing his irritation with the organization, taking these comments to mean that he has some deep-seated resentment toward Rodgers.

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Look, everyone knows that Favre and Rodgers were not the best of friends. There was the natural competition factor when they were both together in Green Bay.

But with Favre’s playing days long behind him, there is no reason to believe that Favre is “throwing shade” at Aaron Rodgers.

Sure, he’s probably as frustrated as any Packers fan with the team’s lack of titles.

That’s life in the NFL.

Packers fans feel the team should be in the Super Bowl every year – and with good reason. The team has arguably the best quarterback in all of football, if not one of the best to ever play the position.

Rodgers has carried the team and if you count out the injuries that have devastated the roster over the years, one wonders why management hasn’t done a better job of placing players around Rodgers that could help the team win another Super Bowl.

CANTON, OH – AUGUST 07: Aaron Rodgers
CANTON, OH – AUGUST 07: Aaron Rodgers /

It’s just not that easy.

Ron Wolf did a great job of it back in 1996 when he put together a defense that helped the team to two straight Super Bowls … but even those teams could win just one Super Bowl.

My take on all this is that there must have been a slow day of NFL news when this came out and many jumped on it as Favre once again cutting the Packers and Rodgers down to size.

Favre has a legitimate concern … but it’s nothing new.

If nothing else, maybe the comments will help to inspire Rodgers and the Packers. This comment might find itself smoldering and ready to burst into flame.

Anything that can inspire Rodgers and this team to perform at their best is a good thing.

I say we use these comments as a positive … it’s notions like this that help people rise to their best.

That’s what we look for from Rodgers and the Packers not only this year, but well into the future and for however long Rodgers plays.

Is the comment from Favre anything new?