Packers: Top 5 lessons learned in Week 2 loss to Falcons

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers /
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ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers /

While the Green Bay Packers showed genuine pride in trying to make their latest implosion against the Falcons somewhat competitive, mounting injuries proceeded to deprive an already undermanned squad of several key veteran components that couldn’t be replaced at a moment’s notice.

Any hope of Green Bay securing a precious road victory almost instantly evaporated about 90 minutes before kickoff when it was reported that starting tackles David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga wouldn’t be suiting up.

Considering the circumstances, it probably would have been wise for Mike McCarthy to focus on running the ball and winning the time-of-possession battle.

Diehard Packer backers that have watched every snap since the preseason were fully aware of the fact that neither Justin McCray at right tackle nor Kyle Murphy on the blindside had the skills or experience to sustain a pass-heavy game plan.

Yet, McCarthy won the toss and promptly opted give away the first possession to Atlanta instead of trying to dictate to his adversary by establishing the run.

No, that wasn’t where the game was lost, but it helped put a handicapped Packers’ team in chase mode from the start and, in effect, exposed a decimated offensive line that was being held together by holiday ribbons and masking tape.

Losing Jordy Nelson, Mike Daniels and Kentrell Brice among others during the contest further justified a far more conservative approach by utilizing multiple tight ends and a fullback to slow down the pace of the game.

Judging by how Aaron Rodgers was looking to constantly speed up the offense’s tempo in the first half, it seemed as if the coaching staff walked into Mercedes-Benz Stadium hellbent on turning last night’s NFC Championship rematch into a shootout.

The Packers were in no shape to go for blow-for-blow with the Matt Ryan-led quick-strike attack capable of eating up 70 yards and getting inside the enemy’s 10-yard line in a little over a New York minute.

One of the few positive takeaways from this demoralizing defeat is that it’s only Week 2, which means that there’s ample time to correct a gaggle of early blunders and missteps.

But despite the 34-23 loss, there were also some encouraging developments to build on as well.

Here are this week’s good, bad and everything in between as it pertains to our modern-day gladiators representing Packers News USA.

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