Packers: Twitter reacts to news Aaron Rodgers has been cleared

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers
ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Aaron Rodgers /

The Green Bay Packers have their two-time MVP back, and Twitter has been reacting to the news.

Aaron Rodgers confirmed on his Instagram account that he had been medically cleared to return after missing half the season with a broken collarbone.

And as you can imagine, the internet has exploded.

Here’s some of the best tweets that were sent right after the news was broken by Rodgers himself.

Rodgers beat the reporters to it.

Michael Cohen of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel confirmed it.

It was fate.

The Packers players gave their thoughts.

Guess who’s back?

What’s better than running the table? That’s right. Running it again.

It’s also a day of important historical facts. Newssound/status/940787992066772995

Oh what a story. Newssound/status/940789159324733441

The Packer Ranter knew hours before how it was going to go down. Justin Vogel, thank you but you are no longer needed.

Talking of punters…

Rodgers’ return couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Brett Hundley helped the Packers get past the Buccaneers and Browns, but it’s hard to believe the team would have stood a chance on the road at Carolina.

With No. 12 on the field, every game can be considered winnable.

Brett Hundley and Mike McCarthy deserve credit. Losing Rodgers was a huge blow, but they did enough to keep the team in playoff contention. It’s not easy to win with a backup quarterback, as many teams around the league are finding out.

But the Packers won three of seven, with losses coming against four potential playoff teams: New Orleans, Detroit, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Three of those quarterbacks have won Super Bowls. The other is Matthew Stafford, who himself is among the top-10 at the position in the NFL.

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At 7-6 on the season, Green Bay needs three more wins to have a shot of making the playoffs. It now has Rodgers back, and he knows a thing or two about running tables.