Green Bay Packers: 12 players that need to go this offseason

LANDOVER, MD - JANUARY 10: Inside linebacker Clay Matthews
LANDOVER, MD - JANUARY 10: Inside linebacker Clay Matthews /
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ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 17: Richard Rodgers
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 17: Richard Rodgers /

9. Richard Rodgers

The veteran of four seasons is still only 25, but there’s not a lot of upside here despite the fact that coaching staff loves his professionalism and overall game. Rodgers has generally been a sure-handed target over the years, but it’s hard to overlook his career 9.7 yards-per-catch average.

No. 82 is the type of player who will see balls come his way when all the deep and intermediate options have been taken away by the opposing defense. But you’ll rarely see him run by safeties or linebackers like Jermichael Finley or Jared Cook once did. Those are the types of tight ends that strike fear in the heart of defensive coordinators. It’s those types of players that will help pave the way to Super Bowl glory and not guys like Rodgers, who is the ultimate “JAG”.

8. Jeff Janis

He will forever be remembered for being on the receiving end of two Hail Mary heaves in a memorable playoff game versus the Cardinals two years ago, but what has he done since? Janis has yet to blossom into the downfield weapon the Packers thought they were getting when they drafted him in the seventh round of the 2014 draft.

Despite his contributions as a special-teams ace, which haven’t been so special recently, Janis has yet to develop either as a route runner or pure pass catcher, as evidenced by his career 47-percent catch rate. It seems as if the only time No. 83 gives us a glimpse of his potential is in the preseason. But after four years in the league, that’s no longer going to cut it. The young speedster is long overdue for a change of scenery.

7. Josh Hawkins

Here’s another player that flashed during the preseason, but has fallen short of building off those promising performances when it really mattered. Hawkins is an undersized corner that shouldn’t have any business covering outside receivers who have routinely burned him to a  crisp in recent weeks.

His lack of awareness on a Marvin Jonesjump fade score in Week 17 saw Hawkins fail to elevate or even turn his body around on the play. His outing versus Stefon Diggs the week prior was another mismatch where the former East Carolina Pirate appeared to lack the quickness and instincts to shadow his man with any degree of effectiveness.