Packers: Can Brett Hundley be a viable Plan B?

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 10: Brett Hundley
CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 10: Brett Hundley /
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Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Harvard grad is the football equivalent of former NBA coach Larry Brown in the way he shuffles through teams and he may indeed get the chance to play for double-digit squads before his career is all said and done.

The fact that he’s the very definition of the term streaky can help one understand why he’s become football’s favorite vagabond.

In recent years, Fitzpatrick has coaxed two franchises (the Bills and Jets) to fork up major dollars to secure his services, but his inability to sustain a high level of play has made those investments regrettable ones.

Those who have watched him in action know the story all too well in that Fitzpatrick is an incorrigible risktaker that routinely makes throws his arm can’t cash. So, if the bearded one starts enough games, defenses will invariably figure him out and start jumping his tight-window throws.

So, how has the 35-year-old survived 13 seasons in the NFL? Well, for one there’s a shortage of quality quarterbacks and the Ivy League educated triggerman is a student of the game who can step in off the bench and execute every play in the book.

Furthermore, Fitzpatrick has the wheels to keep plays alive and even generate yards as a runner when necessary.

All things considered, one may argue that the one-time New York Jet could have developed into a star quarterback if he had the arm of Rodgers, Matt Stafford or Cam Newton because he has everything else you want as the leader of an offense.

All told, the grizzled veteran’s greatest selling point, therefore, is that a coaching staff doesn’t have to simplify (i.e. dumb down) the game plan should he need to take snaps as the starter at any point and Mike McCarthy would undoubtedly sleep better at night knowing that.