2018 NFL mock draft: Packers address defense in first round

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CB. Ohio State. Denzel Ward. 14. player. 49.

It would be just about every Packers fan’s dream to have the top cornerback in this draft drop all the way to pick 14, and it just so happened to play out that way in this mock.

The top needs for the Packers are very clear: pass rush and defensive back help. This is a defense who has been bottom of the league against the pass for a few seasons now.

Ward may not have the height that Packers brass prefer when drafting cornerbacks, but he plays much bigger than his size (5-foot-10, 191 pounds). He is a very fast (4.32 40-yard dash at combine), instinctive and physical player who is has tight coverage and does a great job of finding the ball. If the Packers are lucky enough to have Ward drop to them at 14, then I would imagine that this pick would be a definite lock, and that’s a major “if”.

32. . WR. Alabama. Calvin Ridley. 15. player

The reason I don’t have the Cardinals trading up to try to get Josh Allen, is because this is a team with too many holes to give up valuable second or third-round picks to move up to pick a boom-or-bust type quarterback.

They, by all means, need to look for the QB for their future, but they also have glaring holes at wide receiver, tight end, defensive line, free safety and cornerback. I think the biggest of those glaring holes is at the wide receiver position though.

Larry Fitzgerald is very close to retirement, and outside of Fitzgerald, the Cardinals have no wide receivers that are considered threats whatsoever. This offense will be setup to fail if they do not add quality pieces to the wide receiving corps. I had a hard time choosing between Ridley and Courtland Sutton, but I believe Ridley is the more NFL-ready wideout. Ridley has sensational footwork, elite separation ability and is an extremely fluid route-runner.