Packers 2018 Draft: 4 players that could improve pass rush

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1. Uchenna Nwosu, USC (6-foot-3, 251 pounds)

While watching film of Nwosu, I couldn’t stop seeing the resemblance to early Clay Matthews. He has a motor that doesn’t stop, and he is always wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks, whether he is chasing them down or jumping around like a wild man batting their passes down.

He had an impressive 13 PBUs in his senior season. That is one of the things that really jumped off the screen to me, he makes it so difficult for a quarterback to get a clean passing lane.

He is an extremely active pass rusher, his feet and hands are always moving and fighting as he relentlessly rushes the passer.

Early in his career at USC, during his freshman year, he had gotten into a fight with a teammate and it was questionable whether or not he would play football for them again. Fortunately, once he returned to the team, he knew maturing was needed and he did just that. By his senior year, he was voted to be one of the team captains by his peers, and on film, you would notice him be the first guy to cheer on his teammates on the field.

The one thought I kept returning to watching Nwosu is that he just finds a way to get to the quarterback. As I mentioned above, he is relentless when rushing, he makes it very difficult for a blocker to hold their block against him with his constant movement, and he has a great burst off the edge and is able to quickly get around a tackle.

Nwosu is a guy that I could see the Packers trading up for to get late in the first round or early in the second round, similar to the move they made to require another USC edge rushing prospect, Matthews. He may be available when the Packers pick at 45, but from what I’ve seen of Nwosu, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he gets taken late in the first round.