Packers: Five bold predictions for the 2018 NFL Draft

CHESTNUT HILL, MA - OCTOBER 07: Harold Landry /
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1. The Packers won’t surprise us on day one

Instead of wondering if the Packers will trade up or down, reach or get a steal, I’m expecting them to take one of two or three players and stay put at 14. It’ll be either Josh Jackson or Harold Landry with a slight chance Marcus Davenport is the pick.

Jackson and Landry are safe picks. I believe Landry’s ceiling to be exceptionally high and he’s who I would pick, but Jackson is just as likely and plays a position with a slightly higher need. Both players could be very successful as rookies and a solid contribution from either one of them would greatly help the defense.

The Packers don’t often pick this high and aren’t often presented with players of this caliber. Instead of getting fancy this high in the draft, a place the Packers hope not to be again for a long time, Gutkeunst will take a safe pick and be content with his very talented player.

Davenport would be the surprise, but a mild one. The Packers aren’t a team that has weighted potential as much as others in the draft so Davenport doesn’t make much sense. Gutekunst could think otherwise and change the philosophy that we’re so used to. If he takes the same aggressive approach to the draft as he did to free agency, Davenport could be in play.

If this scenario played out it would be the first time in a while where Packer fans breathe a sigh of relief on draft day and are just happy to have a talented, new player. The stresses of potentially trading down, passing on somebody who fills a need or taking a second-round guy in the late first aren’t present here. Gutekunst is just going to take what’s in front of him and start working on day two.