Packers: Which NFC North team has the best offensive line?

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 30: Center Corey Linsley
GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 30: Center Corey Linsley /
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Corey Linsley of the Green Bay Packers
GREEN BAY, WI – NOVEMBER 30: Center Corey Linsley /

How do the four NFC North offensive lines stack up?

Entering the 2018 season, every team in the NFC North believes they are contenders. As of right now, each team has different strengths that they bring to the table.

In my own admittedly biased opinion, the Green Bay Packers should be considered the favorites to win the NFC North this year.

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Those on “Good Morning Football” have their own opinions, and so does Colin Cowherd.

The thing about these predictions is that there really aren’t any unfounded because hope springs eternal each offseason for every team. There aren’t many major injuries to impact players right now so maybe it’s not completely insane to claim that the Minnesota Vikings are the favorites to win the division (but come January, don’t think we’ll forget what you said Colin).

However, I will attempt to do the improbable and have some sort of quantifiable reasoning behind my prediction. To do that, I’ll start with breaking down the backbone of each NFC North team’s offense — the five big guys up front.

Click on the ensuing slides for an in-depth look at each NFC North team’s offensive line, and how the Packers stack up against their three divisional foes.