Packers: Brian Gutekunst’s honesty, openness is refreshing for fans

GM Brian Gutekunst’s willingness to speak to the media is great for Green Bay Packers fans.

On Friday, Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst stepped up to the podium and answered questions for around 30 minutes.

In the season-ending press conference, he spoke about everything from drafting a quarterback, to Aaron Rodgers‘ season, offseason needs and working on a new deal with Kenny Clark. As ever, he spoke well and was open and honest with his answers.

Gutekunst, who enters his third year as GM, often steps up and speaks to the media, which is something his predecessor Ted Thompson didn’t do enough.

And he speaks honestly, rarely giving “nothing” answers or using “coachspeak”.

When asked about the wide receiver position outside of Davante Adams, Gutekunst spoke about a lack of consistency.

“There were some guys that stepped up in some pretty big moments,” Gutekunst said. “We didn’t have anybody step into that role consistently, and I think there will be some opportunities for those guys next year, and obviously I think that’ll be a position that we look to add.”

Asked about fixing the run defense, Gutekunst noted they will look at the inside linebacker group. It’s a position widely believed to be a major need for the Packers, and it’s hard to imagine Gutekunst won’t make significant changes this offseason.

Gutekunst was also asked about the timing of looking for Rodgers’ successor. He responded by praising Rodgers’ performances this season but noted that they would be willing to draft a quarterback if they viewed him as an NFL starter.

There are a number of questions to be answered for the Packers this offseason, but Gutekunst has been open and honest every time he’s spoken to the media. He made it clear after taking the job that the team would use every avenue available to strengthen the roster, both during the offseason and in the season. He’s stuck to that promise in a big way.

Of course, Gutekunst isn’t going to be critical of individual players or coaches or talk of specific targets in the offseason, but he is still open with his answers and doesn’t back down from questions. He gave an honest and fair assessment of the team, the 2019 season and the future.

Like every other GM, Gutekunst doesn’t hit a home run at every at-bat. But looking at the moves he’s made in free agency, the draft and in-season signings, he’s got a strong strike rate.

Not only has he strengthened the roster, but his willingness to regularly speak to the media is refreshing and great for Packers fans.

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