Packers: Stealing one player from every NFC North foe

Kenny Golladay (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images)
Kenny Golladay (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images) /
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Kenny Golladay, Roquan Smith (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images)
Kenny Golladay, Roquan Smith (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images) /

If there was one player from each NFC North team you could steal and be part of the Packers roster, who would it be?

There’s always that one player from a rival team you love to hate. That guy who just seems to light it up every time he faces your team. That guy that owns your left tackle and is always in the backfield. The receiver who catches 10 passes for 150 yards or the linebacker that just wrecks the game plan.

The Green Bay Packers have had great success over their division rivals since 1992 when Brett Favre became the starting quarterback. That carried over with Aaron Rodgers. During this time, teams from the NFC North, and once Central division, have done what they can to either stop or keep up with those Packers teams.

The Bears, Vikings, Lions, and Buccaneers looked for players that would put them over the hump when competing against the Pack.

Guys like Randy Moss, Brian Urlacher, and Mathew Stafford were all drafted with the idea of beating the Packers. Each of those players have been to multiple Pro Bowls and have seen their share of success against the team.

This crop of players from the NFC North is no different. The Packers always seem to get their rivals’ best shot when playing in the division. When you’ve had the success the Packers have had — 47-18-1 is Rodgers‘ record — you are the team the others are chasing.

The Packers have seen some great players come through their rivals and light this team up. And that got me thinking, if there was a player from each team in the North I could take from the Bears, Vikings to Lions, who would it be?