Packers: Three duds from Week 8 loss against Vikings

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Mike Pettine has once again cost the Packers a game with his poor game plan

Dud #1: Mike Pettine

Honestly, who else was it going to be? The Green Bay Packers played with an awful effort on the defensive side of the ball and seemed completely disinterested in stopping the Vikings. Mike Pettine was once again completely out-schemed and did next to nothing to adjust his plan.

It seems like almost every week Pettine will stick with whatever his plan was coming into the game, even when it isn’t working. His defense was getting destroyed by Minnesota all game. Pettine did nothing to take away Dalvin Cook.

Cook completely wrecked this defense going well over 200 yards with four touchdowns on 32 touches. As is always the case, the Packers do nothing to even try stopping the run. Of course, the players can be blamed for the failure to execute and that has already been talked about earlier.

I can’t imagine head coach Matt LaFleur will be willing to tolerate these poor showings much more. At some point, something has to be done and changes have to be made. I honestly don’t think that the Packers will fire Pettine during the season but some of these performances dating back to last year are absolutely fireable offenses.

As much as it pains me to say, the Packers have no chance of winning with the way the defense is playing. We have seen this story so many times over the years, a great offense, and a bad defense that can’t make stops.

The Packers will most definitely be playing in the playoffs, they may even make the NFC Championship again. However, making a Super Bowl run just seems unlikely with how bad the defense is.

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