Packers: Elgton Jenkins’ versatility is unmatched in today’s league

Green Bay Packers, Elgton Jenkins (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Elgton Jenkins (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Packers guard Elgton Jenkins’ versatility is unmatched.

An absolutely underrated aspect of the Green Bay Packers‘ success as a team has been the stellar game-by-game performance of versatile second-year guard Elgton Jenkins.

No matter where he lines up along the offensive line, he never misses a beat.

Coming out of Mississippi State in the 2019 draft, Jenkins had already become acclimated with playing multiple positions.

Throughout his four years at Mississippi State, Jenkins had played a total of four different positions: Center (26 starts), left tackle (five starts), left guard (two starts), and right tackle (one start).

Now in his second year with the Packers, he has more than proven himself as an elite athlete on the offensive line.

Jenkins’ Packers career (thus far)

Since 2019, he is the only lineman to play all five positions across the offensive line. He’s had starts at left tackle (28), left guard (1,426), center (51), right guard (one), and right tackle (51).

In 2019 (including the postseason), he played a combined 1,088 snaps, allowing zero sacks.

Through 11 games in 2020, he’s played a total of 735 snaps while allowing just one sack, per Pro Football Focus. Like I said before, no matter where he lines up, he’s going to give it his best and he’s proven that thus far in 2020.

Jenkins’ versatility is unmatched in today’s league. He has proven himself to be an elite talent on Green Bay’s offensive line and deserves immense credit for the success of Green Bay’s offense as a whole.

Without him, I don’t think the offense would be running as smoothly as it has been. Jenkins has been a consistent cog within the wheel of the often-rotating offensive line this season. He has basically become a plug-and-play starter for them and hasn’t missed a beat.

Simply put, no matter where you put him, Jenkins is going to give you his best effort every single time — and that effort certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.