Packers to have fans at Lambeau Field for divisional round

Quinn Harris/Getty Images
Quinn Harris/Getty Images /

The Packers will invite a limited number of fans to attend the divisional round game next week.

The road to the Super Bowl just became a bit tougher for any team facing the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs.

The Packers will play all of their postseason games at Lambeau Field after clinching the top seed last week. Now, the team has announced they’ll be inviting around 6,000 season ticket holders to attend the game. Frontline healthcare workers and first responders will also be invited to attend.

After a long season without fans at Lambeau due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a huge step.

While the Packers won’t get the same home-field advantage they would if the stadium was at full capacity, there’s no doubt having fans in the stands will give the team a boost.

After playing a number of games with no fans there to cheer them on, having a small number of excited Packers fans may help give the team a lift during the most challenging moments of a tough playoff game.

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Fans will be socially distanced to ensure it is made as safe as possible for everyone attending.

Even when there have been no fans in the stadium, the tough conditions often seen at Lambeau this time of year gives the Packers an advantage. When it’s cold and possibly snowing, they know how to deal with the conditions. They’re used to it.

When you get a road team not used to the challenging conditions, as we saw with the Tennessee Titans in Week 16, it can take them a while to adjust. By then, it might be too late given how talented this Packers team is.

Not having to travel, along with the frozen conditions and now with some fans able to return, the Packers will have home-field advantage in the playoffs.

Now we just need to find out which team will be arriving to Lambeau Field in next week’s divisional round.