Packers now $8 million under salary cap after roster moves

Green Bay Packers, Brian GutekunstGpg Packers 031419 Abw079
Green Bay Packers, Brian GutekunstGpg Packers 031419 Abw079 /

To re-sign Kevin King to a one-year deal, the Green Bay Packers needed to create cap room.

Once again, they found ways to achieve this without needing to restructure Aaron Rodgers’ contract, a move many have thought they would make this offseason. So far, they’ve decided against it.

So, how have the Packers cleared more cap space today?

It came by making some changes to Adrian Amos and Mason Crosby’s contracts. According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers turned around $1.68 million of Crosby’s salary into signing bonus while also adding three voidable years.

It all sounds a little confusing, but the key point here is that Green Bay created $1.34 million in cap space by making the move.

To save even more money this year, Silverstein reported that they converted $3.91 million of Amos’ base salary into signing bonus. He noted that these two moves mean the Packers have around $8 million in cap space, allowing them to sign King to a new one-year deal.

This shows Green Bay is continuing to find ways to create cap room and push some money into future years, but the team is also yet to make any significant moves since the start of free agency. They’ve been able to re-sign a couple of players, which is important, but they are still left without much cap room.

Will the team make any more cap-saving moves in the future? They will likely need to just to have enough to get by, and that’s before even considering signing more free agents.

They are needing to find creative ways of saving money without pushing too much onto next year’s cap. Unless there is a big jump in the salary cap in the next couple of years, the Packers will continue to be limited in what they can do.