Packers: Three ways they can win the 2021 NFL Draft

Greg Newsome II (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Greg Newsome II (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers made some surprising decisions in last year’s draft. That doesn’t make it a bad draft class — only time will tell on that — but few analysts would say they “won” the draft a year ago.

What do the Packers need to do for this to be a strong draft class this week?

As we all know, this team has fallen agonizingly short of the Super Bowl on far too many occasions, including the past two years. In the past seven seasons, they’ve lost in the NFC Championship Game four times. A couple of them, like last year, were particularly heartbreaking.

However, making it as far as the NFC’s final two in back-to-back years shows how close this team is to taking that next step. By fixing a few areas of weakness on the roster, they could be ready to go all the way. A Super Bowl in Matt LaFleur’s third season? Sounds good to me, but the Packers could do with a good draft class to help them get there.

Of course, this draft class shouldn’t be expected to fix all of the team’s needs. But it can certainly help.

Here are three ways the Packers can win the 2021 NFL Draft.