Packers 2021 roster preview: What role will Blake Bortles play?

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Even more uncertainty was added to the Green Bay Packers‘ quarterback situation when the team signed veteran Blake Bortles earlier this spring.

Bortles has been on the practice field during OTAs while Aaron Rodgers hasn’t, something few would’ve predicted even in January. But what role Bortles plays for this team moving forward remains a mystery.

Will Bortles make the roster and what can we expect his role to be for the Packers in 2021?

2020 stats

Bortles didn’t play in the regular season in 2020. He spent time with the Denver Broncos and later the Los Angeles Rams as a backup, but didn’t play.

2020 review

There was no preseason for Bortles to get snaps in. The Broncos brought him in early in the season but he spent much of the year on their practice squad. Later on, with Jared Goff suffering an injury for the Rams, Bortles was signed to provide some cover. He had previously backed up Goff in 2019.

Will he make the roster?

There’s a good chance Bortles’ future will depend on Rodgers’ with the Packers. While it’s possible the team could go with three QBs even if Rodgers is back — they did with Rodgers, Tim Boyle, and Jordan Love in 2020 — my guess is the team would promote Love to the backup spot.

However, if Rodgers doesn’t return, a case can made for Bortles being named the starter in 2021.

Flip a coin. This could go either way.

What to expect in 2021

There are many ways this could all play out.

First is if Rodgers returns. Again, my prediction in that scenario is that the Packers would go with just Rodgers and Love on the roster, leaving Bortles out.

But if Rodgers doesn’t play or is traded, things change. Maybe Bortles would be the backup behind Love, but maybe the team would decide to give Love more time to learn and develop his game while going with a veteran to start. That could give Bortles the opportunity to be a Week 1 starter.

This roster is talented enough to make a playoff push no matter who the QB is, although Rodgers makes the Packers serious Super Bowl contenders.

Will Bortles make the 53-man roster? It’s no guarantee. But can we rule him out being the starting QB? Again, no. Anything is possible.