Packers: AJ Dillon early 2021 fantasy football predictions

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Green Bay Packers, AJ DillonApc Packers Vs Titans 08296 122720 Wag /

AJ Dillon is in line for an increased role in the Green Bay Packers‘ offense, but what does that mean for fantasy football?

Dillon will likely be the number two running back on the Packers’ roster, splitting time with Aaron Jones. The two should both see plenty of opportunities in Matt LaFleur’s system.

What should we expect from Dillon in fantasy football this season?

How Dillon finished in 2020

Dillon was the Packers’ third-string running back so didn’t see many opportunities which made him unplayable in fantasy football. Dillon only had 46 carries in the regular season, but was impressive, averaging 5.3 yards per attempt.

What to expect in 2021

Dillon showed in limited game action last season that he has the talent. He now just needs the opportunity to become a valuable fantasy option.

More opportunity should be on the way with Jamaal Williams no longer with the Packers, which should see Dillon promoted to the number two RB spot behind Aaron Jones.

Number two running backs in LaFleur’s system see plenty of opportunities, but their fantasy production can be a little unpredictable. For that reason, along with some uncertainty with how often he’ll be used in the passing game, Dillon isn’t a player you’ll want to be starting in Week 1.

However, if you have space on your bench and can wait and see, he’s worth picking up. Also, if Jones were to miss any time due to injury, Dillon’s value would fly up and he’d become a RB1 or RB2 depending on the matchup.

Fantasy draft

According to Fantasy Football Calculator, Dillon is currently being selected 34th among running backs and as high as the seventh round. The upside is understandable, but that’s a fairly high draft pick for a player who will be somewhat limited in the number two role behind Aaron Jones.

If Jones missed significant time, Dillon could be a league-winner. But if Jones remains the featured back, which is highly probable after signing a big extension, there will likely always be a lower ceiling on Dillon’s fantasy numbers.

When injuries and bye weeks hit, you’ll need the roster depth. And I’m not sure Dillon will be a starting fantasy RB as often as we’d like.