Packers rumors: Randall Cobb set for return to Green Bay?

Green Bay Packers, Randall Cobb (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Randall Cobb (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

If nothing else, this Green Bay Packers offseason has been entertaining.

Just when we think everything is calming down, Aaron Rodgers is returning to Green Bay, and the offseason storyline is over, there’s another rumor out of nowhere.

Many of the greatest Packers moments from the past decade or so have come from the Rodgers-to-Randall Cobb connection. Could we see these two link up again in a Packers uniform?

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, Rodgers “absolutely wants” Cobb back, and he added that “this trade should happen”.

It’s fair to say few would’ve predicted that.

Cobb is still a talented player and is coming off a good season with the Houston Texans. There’s also no doubt the connection between Rodgers and Cobb was incredible, and they often connected when the Packers needed a play the most. Just ask the Chicago Bears.

But unless Green Bay could work out an agreement that reduced his salary-cap hit, it’s tough to see a trade for Cobb making sense.

Make no mistake, I’d love to see Cobb back in a Packers uniform. What a great player he was for Green Bay and an incredible person and teammate. But after the team used a third-round pick on Amari Rodgers, a player often compared to Cobb, would it make much sense to bring the former Pro Bowler back via a trade given his big contract?

Contract aside, it would be a lot of fun. Cobb was a mentor for Amari Rodgers, so it would be fun to see them on the field together in Green Bay.

And Cobb can still play. Last season with the Texans, he averaged 11.6 yards per reception and finished the year with 441 yards and three touchdowns.

With his ability after the catch, it’s easy to see how Cobb could fit into Matt LaFleur’s offense.

Could we really see Cobb back in Green Bay?