Packers: 3 reasons why trading for Randall Cobb makes sense

Green Bay Packers, Randall Cobb (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Randall Cobb (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

It’s been a newsworthy couple of days for the Green Bay Packers.

First, Aaron Rodgers made his return for the start of training camp. Now it looks like he may not be coming back to Green Bay alone. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Tuesday that the Packers are “working on a trade” with the Houston Texans for Randall Cobb.

There are many reasons to be excited about a potential Cobb reunion in Green Bay. Let’s look at three.

1. The Aaron Rodgers-to-Cobb connection

Chemistry between a quarterback and wide receiver is crucial. One of Rodgers’ favorite targets is Cobb, and the two had great success together over the years.

It won’t take long for the two to get back on the same page out on the football field.

Cobb turns 31 next month but still has plenty left in the tank. In the two seasons after he left Green Bay, Cobb had 1,269 receiving yards and six touchdowns.

Cobb often saves his biggest moments for when his team needs them most. Think his NFC North-winning touchdown, a 75-yard game-winner against the Chicago Bears, and a Hail Mary TD catch against the New York Giants in the wild-card round.

Cobb doesn’t need to be high on the depth chart to make an impact for the Packers’ offense.

2. Cobb is a perfect fit in LaFleur’s offense

The Packers’ offense has been dominant under head coach Matt LaFleur, but they’ve needed a receiver who can pick up yards after the catch. It’s why they drafted Amari Rodgers in the third round, but this is also an area Cobb can help.

Trading for Cobb would take the pressure off Amari Rodgers to make an impact right away. He’s a rookie receiver so there will be areas of his game that may take some time. And he also hasn’t caught a pass from Aaron Rodgers yet.

Cobb is an experienced player who can step right into LaFleur’s offense and make an impact. It will be great to see how LaFleur gets him involved if a trade is agreed.

3. Cobb can help Amari Rodgers’ development

Talking of Amari Rodgers, Cobb’s potential arrival could also be huge for his development.

Cobb has been one of Rodgers’ mentors, and even called him after he was drafted earlier this year. Rodgers said that a dream scenario would be to play a Cobb-type role for the Packers, and he said this before he was drafted by them.

Now not only could he get that opportunity, but he could also get to learn from Cobb himself at practice every day. There are obvious comparisons between their style of play, so getting to see them in a Packers uniform together would be a lot of fun.

It’s now over to the Packers to get a trade completed.