Packers: 3 things we’d like to see from Jordan Love in the preseason

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Green Bay Packers, Jordan LoveCent02 7g5lqijkew5hy1rt71c Original /

Jordan Love was drafted at a rather unfortunate time for a developmental quarterback. Love was selected to be the heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers and learn under him before ultimately taking the reins for the Green Bay Packers, presumably in 2022.

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 season was anything but normal. Love didn’t get the luxury of rookie camp, mini-camp or even a regular training camp for that matter. Teams were even regulated to smaller practice lengths which left even less room for snaps to be passed around amongst the quarterback room. In essence, Love took a red-shirt season in year one.

You can only play the hand you’re dealt, so Love immersed himself in the playbook and focused on the things that he could control. Despite all of the hurdles he faced, both teammates and coaches alike have been able to see the growth from the Utah State product in year two, a season that should present him with a far greater opportunity to develop.

While I acknowledge that these games don’t count, they still matter. To the players in the building, and even more so to the front office personnel. So for Love, this is going to be his first game action as a member of the Green Bay Packers, and an opportunity to finally put something on tape.

Coach Matt LaFleur has already made it clear that Love will be starting games in the pre-season, and that he’ll be receiving plenty of snaps. Below are the things I’m hoping to see as we get our first real look at the quarterback that could very well be responsible for Packers fans’ happiness in the coming years.

Control/command of the offense

The one thing that Love did get to do last season is study the offense. Now he’s able to get on the field and apply it. I want to see Love appear comfortable, making adjustments at the line, and getting people in the right position.

Refinement/limit turnovers

This was something Love was able to put a lot of time into last season. Mechanics and footwork were something coaches spent extra time working with him on, and were noticeably better by season’s end.

In-game it would be nice to see Love looking crisp, decisive, and going through his progressions. The level of talent he does it against doesn’t matter, at this point it’s more about creating good habits and translating them into game action.

It’s more important to see Love making the right play or throwing the ball away rather than forcing something that isn’t there. Coach LaFleur preaches ball security, and that’s definitely an area of Love’s game that needs to improve.

Show flashes of being a franchise quarterback

Love doesn’t have to come in and light up the scoreboard for this to be a successful pre-season, although that’d be great. We already know about the elite arm talent he possesses, and the way the ball jumps out of his hands.

What I’d like to see is a few WOW moments that he showed on film while in college, and do it on an NFL field. His improvisational skills and natural ability will assuredly lead to a few against lesser talent, but I think it’s important for his confidence to come out and perform against other young talented players.

Love performing well in the pre-season could give the Packers the added confidence to move on from Aaron Rodgers in 2022 if they feel as though they’re dealing from a position of strength. By no means is pre-season an end all, be all when evaluating your future franchise quarterback, but it’s the first step.

Love is a gamer more than anything, so this is his chance to prove it on the field.